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At Townsend Energy, we understand that energy conservation is important to you as much as it is to us as a company. Preserving the environment by lowering our carbon footprint is a top priority for our company, our employees and our customers. From BioPure to propane to high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, Townsend Energy wants to help you to conserve more, so you can save money and help the environment at the same time.

danvers home oil delivery service

Is Your Danvers Heating Oil Delivery Service Living Up To Your Standards?

By Editor | April 16, 2018

Many consumers use heating oil to heat their home. Many people understand that heating oil provides them with an affordable and efficient heating source. However, there are many misconceptions about fuel oil. Here, we discuss the most common myths and the real facts about heating oil. Click through to find out more…

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cooling system replacement in a raritan nj home

What To Consider When Replacing Your Air Conditioner For Your Danvers Home

By Editor | April 9, 2018

Older air conditioning units use R-22. Unfortunately, this refrigerant is both harmful to the environment and toxic to humans. Due to this fact, new regulations set forth by the EPA are phasing the use of this standard refrigerant.This article is going to talk about how to identify the type of refrigerant in your air conditioning system and the different things that you can do if you find that you have an R-22 air conditioner…

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Danvers MA whole-house generator at residential home

Protect Your Danvers Home With A Whole House Generator

By Editor | April 2, 2018

In areas with severe weather, power interruptions frequently occur. Because a significant amount of stress comes with a blackout, having a backup power option can substantially reduce any anxiety. A high-quality standby generator has the capability to power your home for several days. In this article, you will find some of the benefits homeowners enjoy after investing in such a unit…

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