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At Townsend Energy, we understand that energy conservation is important to you as much as it is to us as a company. Preserving the environment by lowering our carbon footprint is a top priority for our company, our employees and our customers. From BioPure to propane to high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, Townsend Energy wants to help you to conserve more, so you can save money and help the environment at the same time.

fuel oil tank

Why You Should Order Heating Oil Before The Summer Settles In

By Editor | June 11, 2018

When summer approaches, most people are more concerned with their air conditioner. However, you also need to care for your oil tank. Since the hot weather can have a negative effect on the tank, it should be a major cause for concern. In this article, you will learn about a few things that you should consider before the heat arrives…

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furance replacement woburn ma

Thermo Pride Oil Furnace Installation In Woburn MA

By Editor | June 5, 2018

During the winter, the Strong family noticed that they never felt very comfortable. Also, their energy bills were unusually high this winter. After dealing with this for a few months, they decided to call the professionals at Townsend Energy…

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fuel oil meeting

Townsend Energy’s Commitment To Innovation And Improving Our Future

By Editor | June 1, 2018

This article discusses an energy meeting that took place in Washington DC. Townsend Energy’s CEO, Jim Townsend, was there to discuss CDL driver requirements, employment opportunities for veterans and others entering the workforce, & the use of biodiesel as a heating source. We will also cover the importance of hiring vets and some facts about biodiesel.

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